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Burning Promises, is a project that focuses the promise to give a gift made by the participants of Burning Man.  Burning Man is an arts festival held in the Nevada Desert each year at the end of the summer.  The 45,000 participants of the festival can not buy or sell anything* during the weeklong festival; instead the people who attend the festival live by the philosophy of gifting.  One can get food, drinks, entertainment, transportation and souvenirs all for free – all is provided as gifts from other participants.

The Burning Promises project expands the concept of gifting beyond the festival.  The project asks participants to make a gifting promise to be fulfilled outside of Burning Man.  The web site in development will be dedicated to the donations of time, energy, money, talent and spirit given all over the world and tells the rest of the story once a gifting promise has been made.  Follow the excitement that can be generated when the gifting philosophy of Burning Man is spread outside the boundaries of the Playa.

*  except ice and coffee products by festival organizers at specific locations.

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Blakely Slater behind the lens

Photography can open the eyes,

inform the head,

capture the soul,

and inspire action in us all.


Blakely Slater was trained in photojournalism at the US military’s Defense Information School, and began her photography career doing photojournalism for the US Air Force.  Ms. Slater later received a Juris Doctorate from Michigan State University and currently practices law in addition to her Photography.

Ms. Slater uses her unique background and knowledge to both capture contemporary and unique images, and to create and develop documentary photography projects that highlight and bring understanding to issues of concern in the states and around the globe.


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